CEOs Corner – January 2018

Happy New Year!!

“It’s almost surreal how fast 2017 went by”

How many of us have already said or heard someone else say this? While it is certainly a true statement, it isn’t exactly anything that we did not express last year. Or even the year prior. The truth is, each year seems to just flash by before we’ve seemingly had a chance to fully settle into the months. One of my favorite sayings goes “day by day, nothing seems to change, then one day you wake up and everything’s different”. Looking back at the historic events that 2017 brought us, we realize that no day can be taken for granted.

As we survey the landscape of the new year before us, we get to reflect, and more importantly assess what was accomplished the past 12 months. It was an impactful year for the Oklahoma City Black Chamber of Commerce. We had the honor of facilitating the historic groundbreaking of the new Oklahoma City Clinic. From kicking off our new Community Education Series to launching a radio segment, we continue to add to our portfolio to better serve our partners and the Oklahoma City metro. With the establishment of the Oklahoma City Black Chamber Foundation, I am excited about the possibilities before us. Thank you for being part of the success with us!

2018 is all about partnerships in moving the city forward. It is no secret that our community is struggling in education, unbiased development, and workforce opportunities. I want to personally invite you to join the Black Chamber as we break barriers and open new doors. If you have never been to a chamber event, or it has been a while, I challenge you to come take in the experience. I promise that you will meet people you would not have met otherwise, who just may provide the missing ingredients to your success for the new year. I look forward to seeing you there.

Eran Harrill, CEO

CEOs Corner – November 2017


The 2017 holiday season is officially here and 2018 is quickly bearing down on us. Wow, it is hard to believe! I am sure that many are starting to do of all that cleaning, shopping, and cooking in preparation for friends and family to come over. As we begin to look forward to the upcoming year, I want to take some time to talk about what is currently happening in the OKC Black Chamber, and discuss what you can expect in the near future.

As many of you know, I spent the first part of this year deployed to Ukraine, located in far eastern Europe. My duties as a soldier in the Oklahoma Army National Guard, sent me to the freezing cold and snow, to work with several different countries as part of a NATO mission. I want to publicly say that I appreciate the patience that our partners and the community showed during that time. I also want to thank the Board of Directors and our administrative staff for the extra time spent each week, making sure the chamber was strong and running in my absence.

Within the last couple of months, the OKC Black Chamber has ramped up our commitment to being the solidified entity that provides a critical, positive impact to the community and businesses in the Oklahoma City area. There are plenty of things which play into this happening, and many of these are coming soon. From our Community Education Series, focus on real economic development, and launching a scholarship program, it is just the beginning of the excitement.

November will be a packed month that you will want to take advantage of. On the 7th, at 8:00 am, we will be holding the chamber monthly premier networking breakfast. It will be held on the Springlake Metro Tech campus. The sponsoring host is Riverside Garden Cemetery, who has been an invaluable partner since coming on board with the OKC Black Chamber recently.

Directly following the Fresh Start breakfast, there will be an insurance seminar to kick off the Community Education Series. It will be the first of a two-part seminar, with the next course being held the following week.

Our Partnership Drive launches this month on November 17th, at 5:30pm. It will be held at the Bryant Event Center, and feature food, fun, and music. You will have a chance to hear from the OKC Black Chamber leadership, key current partners, ambassadors, and elected officials, on what it means to establish a partnership with the chamber and the importance of having the community’s backing. It will also be an opportunity to support 3 local charities, as they in turn give to those amongst us who are less fortunate. You can read more about them on our website. So please, mark your calendars and plan to be there.

I have briefly shared just a small piece of all the OKC Black Chamber has going on. Be sure to stay connected on our social media and website for the latest information. Every other Thursday, I am on the ‘Open Mic Show’ on 92.1 and 1140am. I will be on between 9:30 and 10:00am. The segment is small but impactful, so please, tune it. Remember, the OKC Black Chamber of Commerce exists to serve you, something we cannot do without you. So, come. Let’s make history – together.

Eran Harrill – Chief Executive Officer